At, we exclusively select native-English teachers. Today, get to know our teacher Jason from Ohio (USA). (LEN): Can you tell me about your home town?
Jason (J): I am from Dayton, Ohio. This town is famous because the Wright Brothers invented the first airplane. It is a small city that used to have a lot of manufacturing jobs but now has many jobs in the services industry. It is located on the Miami River in Ohio which is located in the North central United States.

LEN: How long have you been teaching?
J: I have been teaching ESL for 8 years and have spent the last year-and-a-half with Live-English. I love teaching both online and in person. Teaching rocks!

LEN: What do you like best about teaching on line?
J: I think the best advice I can give any teacher is to be a good listener. Pay attention to students’ answers to questions and truly take interst in their lives and try to get to know them.

LEN: What Advice can you give to someone wanting to learn a new language?
The best advice I can give someone learning a new language is to practice without fear of making mistakes and speak the language as often as you can. Be brave, take risks and be social.

LEN: What are your hobbies and interests?
I have a passion for biking. I love to ride in the city here in Guadalajara, Mexico braving the traffic with the other 8 million inhabitants. I enjoy reading magazines such as Economist and Wall Street Journal. I sleep when I have extra free time.

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