Corporate English training

Today one of the most valuable assets of any business, whether it’s a small family company or a multinational corporate giant, is a professional team fluent in English.

In a global village setting, teams are often multilingual, remote collaboration and working from home is an extremely widespread phenomenon and communicating with international colleagues, business partners or potential clients has become part of the daily routine.

To be on top of things just being a great professional it’s not enough any more. The new international hub requires a good level of proficiency in English, the lingua franca of the Business world.

Sometimes the importance of the English language is not given the attention it deserves: people think that using tools like automatic translation software or the little they remember from high school is enough. It is not. Underestimating the importance of correct and precise communication can lead to very unpleasant results: losing existing clients, missing potential ones and causing damages to the company’s finances and reputation.

Corporate English training is, without a doubt, one of the most important investments a company can make today. And definitely one with the best qualitative return.

What is the right English course for your company?

Whether you are the CEO or the HR manager of a company, when the moment comes to choose the right English course for your team you might find yourself overwhelmed.

A vast plethora of English courses and trainings are available on the education market today.  But which one is the right solution for the specific needs of your company and your team ?

There are 3 main aspects to take into consideration when answering this question.

  1. What kind of English training does your team really need?

Most of the courses offered today for companies are surprisingly similar. Almost every English school, traditional or online, when it comes to corporate training offers a Business English course . Business English is extremely important in all professional fields, that goes without saying, but that is almost never enough.

Once the colleagues have gone through the basics of business correspondence rules, the formalities and the formal commercial vocabulary, they find themselves with very generic knowledge, not necessarily applicable to the specific field in which the company operates.

Can a Business English course for a team involved in international finance be the same as for one dealing with medical equipment? Of course not!

Therefore, do not settle for a generic Business English course, make sure that the training delivered is tailored to your company’s needs and that it takes into consideration the specific field you operate in.

  1. What is the English level of your team members?

There are several methods and an infinity of tests to assess the individual fluency of each colleague. If the level is uniform, the most logical thing is to opt for group courses . Otherwise, individual courses might be the right answer. At least until the less fluent colleagues manage to level up.


  1. Traditional or Online English course ?

With technology at our fingertips, traditional courses, where all the participants and the teacher have to be at the same place at the same time, seem a bit obsolete.

Sophisticated software like and high-quality internet connection allow to meet online for real-time individual or group lessons, with a mother tongue teacher from the other side of the globe, with impeccable communication and the possibility to participate in the lesson from home, the office, and sometimes ever from the car!

The flexibility of online English courses is truly impressive and distances and borders are no longer an issue.  All your colleagues need is to install the software on their computer or portable device and to connect at the right time to the conference call.

It’s easy, hassle-free, immediate and very effective.

How can we help to find the best formula for your team’s English training?

Live- offers a series of solutions for Corporate English Training , ranging from individual lessons, group lesson, webinars and the mix of the above. We tailor every training to your team , through a careful study of needs and requirements .

The Corporate English training track includes tailoring a learning plan with contents based on the specific needs of your company , focusing on the most important vocabulary and concepts of the field the company operates in.

The corporate offer also includes a branded Member Area and an HR account and allows to monitor with ease the attendance and the progress of all team members.

Our native English teachers are specialized in Professional English courses and in Business English, and have a long experience of distance-teaching and delivering webinars.

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