If your objective is to be able to speak about financial topics in English with colleagues or clients, this course is for you.
You will learn with native-English teachers who have a lot of knowledge in this field as well as professional experience.

Why focus on Finance and Accounting?

There is an increased demand for English in the fields of finance and accounting. Employees find they have to take part in meeting and conferences, write emails or reports, and interact with colleagues on a day to day basis in English.

What is included in the Finance and accounting English Course?

Through this course, you will increase your banking or financial vocabulary so you can compete and thrive in your profession. Both British and American financial terms into will be incorporate to the lessons. You will find it easier to understand the colloquial language your colleagues and clients use, especially idioms.

Who is the Finance and accounting English Course for?

Our English course for Finance and Accounting is for everyone who needs to improve their English for professional reasons or who are interested in Banking, Stock market, Finance, Accounting or Insurance fields. These industries are very competitive and nowadays it is essential for employees to communicate in English to be successful in the global market.