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Corporate English Training: take your company's English to the next level!

Build confidence, improve speaking skills and increase employee value with tailor-made solutions.
English corporate courses perfect for your budget.

Individual English lessons

One-on-one lessons with native-English teachers on Business and General English topics, using industry-based material. Level assessments, progress cards and attendance reports of the team accessible from the dedicated HR account. 

Available via Zoom or Skype.

Group English courses

Improve confidence and speaking skills of your team through debating, role playing and more. A cost-effective way to train your team with native-English teachers and a team-building experience. Groups of  3 to 6 participants. Recorded sessions.

Available via Zoom.


Monitoring results and creating lasting impact

HR Account

Allows the HR manager to monitor all company training activities and students.

Progress Cards

Reports after each lesson and start and end-of-course level assessments.

Tailor-made training

Learning content focused on your industry.

What our students say

A program tailored to your needs

Flexible schedule
from 5am to 11.30pm CET

Native-speaking teachers
from the USA and the UK

Specific sector-related live video seminars for your company. On-demand for future new colleagues’ training.


Our English training center

We know how difficult it is to manage teams in different locations or to discuss important matters with foreign partners when English is not part of your team skill set.

Since 2007 Live-English.net has trained more than ten thousand professionals around the world, helping them improve their English skills through custom-made programs focused on professional speaking skills.

We believe that English is paramount for individual and company success. An English-proficient professional team can reach great results in international contexts and open many doors in a great variety of business fields. 

We understand the reality of today’s professional word. That is why we are extremely attentive to the specific needs of our corporate clients, tailoring our training offers to their needs and the industry requirements.

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