Business English Writing Course

Writing in English for business when English is not your mother tongue is challenging to say the least. When you have to write an email to an overseas colleague or client, you want to make sure the person you write to understands exactly the message. A misunderstanding in written communication can have heavy consequences on your job and your company!

That’s the reason why is offering a course to help you, who are a non-native English writer, learn how to improve their writing skills in a business and professional context so that you can practice through specifically targeted assignments.

Business English writing course

You will get every week an assignment around a business English topic to prepare and to send back within a week. It will be personally corrected and commented on by one of our English teachers.
On top of that, you will receive each week a document giving you key vocabulary and expressions, and tips focusing on ways to improve the way you write in English for business.

Business writing topics

In this Business English writing course online, you will get:

– 6 assignments to prepare and send to us so that you can practice and see for yourself how to write in English for business
– 6 corrections and comments on your work so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills from one assignment to the other
– 6 review documents with key vocabulary and expressions, and tips to improve your Business English writing skills.

The course will cover the following business topics:
1. How to write a CV
2. Cover letters and business letters
3. Business presentations and reports
4. Writing emails for business
5. Writing a meeting agenda
6. Promoting your business in writing.

Please note that this Business English writing course and the general English writing course are included for free in our Premium package.

Download a sample lesson from the Business English writing course

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To go further

If you are serious about improving your Business English writing skills, the Business English Writing Course is a great introduction. We also invite you to check out the date of the next English Writing Workshop, which is a series of 3 classes in a group setting aimed at providing you with the tools to improve your writing skills in a supportive environment.