The CAE reading test is a very important part of the CAE overall English assessment. The Reading part of the test is 75 minutes long. There are four parts of the test.

CAE Reading comprehension

The reading comprehension part of the test consistes of a long article with multiple choice questions. You are given the questions first, then you will see the article. Make sure that you read the questions carefully before starting to read the article. In this way you know what information you are looking for

CAE Paragraph Sequence

The second section is a paragraph sequence exercise. First you are given a set of paragraphs from an article. You should read them and really know the information in those paragraphs, then you are given a text which will need all but one of those paragraphs. Your job is to insert the missing paragraphs into the full article. This tests your ability to read and comprehend in general and to insert specifics into the article at the right place.

Part Three CAE Reading comprehension

Part three is similiar to Part One but the article is not as long and the article comes first. I still recommend to read the questions first and then go back and read the article. You need to know which information to look for while reading the article.

Part Four Scanning for Information

This part of the test can be quite difficult if you are not familiar with the subject of the long article. You are given the questions and then the article. You have to write in the proper information in the right blank. The best way to practice for this part of the test is to read informational articles on many different subjects, as the article is at a pretty high level.

Good luck on the Reading Section of the CAE. One of the best ways to practice for the test is to take Exam preparation lessons.

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