An interview with Riva who just came back from a visit to Sydney, Australia. What is the most popular tourist attraction to visit in Sydney?

Riva: I climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge, it is a very tall bridge that was built in the 1930’s, you can actually climb up the outside of the bridge, they attach you by a cable, to the fence on the bridge so you can’t fall off. It takes about two hours to climb from the bottom to the top, you see the most unbelievable scenery. From the top you see the whole harbor and you feel the most incredible achievement to have climbed up the whole bridge.

What did you most like to do in Sydney?

Going to the Opera House is very good, you walk around the harbor , you can see a play, or an opera. The building is very beautiful, and is like a jewel on the harbor.

Many people use the Ferry as a commuter service, to get to other places in the city, but for tourists, you can take a round trip and see everything from the harbor.

What are good places to take children?

Going to a kangaroo park is very nice for children. , it is not very far outside the city, about a half hour drive. You buy special bag of kangaroo food, they come and lick off your hand, they are very tame and soft. It is a joy to pet the kangaroos.

The Koala park is also a nice place to go, but they are not as friendly as the kangaroos, they eat only eucalyptus leaves, and are nocturnal, so it is not as good for children to visit.

The Sydeny Aquarium is very intersting for kids. It is built so that you walk through the middle of the fish tank, as you see the different kinds of fish.

What are the prices like in Australia now?

I didn’t find the prices very cheap. The standard of living is higher than in other places. People make more money per hour. The Sydney Harbor bridge was very expensive about $300 Australian dollars but it was worth it for the experience. Food is more expensive also.

Thank you very much Riva, for sharing your experiences about your wonderful trip to Sydney, Australia. As Australia is an English speaking country, brush up your English before you go visit.
See ya Mate!

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