You never know from what country your native-English colleagues or partners are going to be from.
We highly recommend to talk to 2-3 teachers and get a variety of accents. You don’t want to be used to only one accent because in real life, you’ll get to talk to people from the States, from the UK but also from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries. So why limit yourself to learning with teachers from only one nationality?

What is Mix of English Accents Conversation Course?

This course will give you the possibility to learn English with teachers from many different countries whose official language is English (USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand). It’s goal is to create a full immersion as if you were travelling in these different countries.

What is included in the Mix of English Accents Conversation Course?

Learning with native-English teachers from so many countries will allow you to work on different skill sets:

  • you will work on improving your English accent and get pointed out differences in pronunciation and grammar between American English and British English
  • you will get more familiar with anglo-saxon culture
  • you will find it easier to understand native-English people no matter where they are from
  • you will get to speak with English teachers from different countries and understand the differences between them.

Who is the Mix of English Accents Conversation Course for?

The Mix of English Accents Conversation Course is for anyone, students, professionals, travelers, who are interested to improve their English in an international environment. Many people who take this course have spent some time in an English-speaking country or plan to visit one soon.