At, we have native-English teachers from many countries. If your dream is to speak like an American, this course is made for you.

What is the American Accent Conversation Course?

This course will give you the possibility to learn English with teachers from the USA exclusively. It’s goal is to create a full immersion as if you were in America.

What is included in the American Accent Conversation Course?

Learning with American teachers will allow you to work on different skill sets:

  • you will work on improving your American accent
  • you will get more familiar with American culture
  • you will find it easier to understand American people
  • you will get to speak with American teachers from different States in America and understand the differences between the different parts of America.

Who is the American Accent Conversation Course for?

The American Accent Conversation Course is for anyone, students, professionals, travelers, who are interested to improve their English in an American environment. Many people who take this course have spent some time in the USA or plan to visit America.