American English

Improving your accent is not easy. Speaking with an American accent requires to have enough exposure to that accent through local media (TV, radio, newspapers) and to practice pronunciation with American people.
At, we have native-English teachers from many English speaking countries. If your dream is to speak like an American, this course is made for you. You can achieve speaking and understanding American English online, without moving to the USA.

What is the American Accent Conversation Course?

This course will give you the possibility to learn English with teachers from the USA exclusively. Its goal is to create a full immersion as if you were in America. The course is held online, with real teachers via Skype, Zoom or telephone, and helps you practice and improve your American English conversation skills.

What is included in the American Accent Conversation Course?

Learning with American teachers will allow you to work on different skill sets:

  • you will work on improving your American accent and pronunciation
  • you will learn specific American English expressions and idioms
  • you will get more familiar with American culture
  • you will find it easier to understand American people
  • you will get to speak with American teachers from different States in America and understand the differences between the different parts of America.

Who is the American Accent Conversation Course for?

The American English Conversation Course is for anyone, students, professionals, travelers, who are interested in improving their English in an American environment. Many people who take this course have spent some time in the USA or plan to visit America.

How do the American English classes work?

By choosing American English classes, you get access to a wide variety of resources in the Study Box that focuses on US news, and the teachers who deliver the lessons online via Skype, Zoom or by phone are exclusively American, from different States in the US. One session a week is great for people who already have a good command of American English and whose goal is mainly to maintain their level. If the goal is to move up a level, 2-3 English conversation lessons are recommended. It is also good practice to learn with 2 teachers so as not to get used to one specific American accent.

Please note that we also offer a track for people interested in improving their British accent, and a track for people who want a mix of accents and get exposure to various accents: American, British, Australian, South African,etc.

Would you like to learn more about our American English conversation course? Register now for a free trial lesson and discuss your needs and objectives with one of our teachers.