At, we have many online English teachers. Meet one of them today: Rachelle from Brighton. (LEN): Can you tell me about your home town?
Rachelle (R): I come from Brighton and Hove England. It is a city on the south coast, only 55 minutes by train from London. The city is very beautiful with a mixture of Regency, Victorian and modern buildings. It has many shopping areas, restaurants, beaches, antique shops, theatres. Sussex University is nearby, and the city is proud of its multi-cultural mix and ethnic shops. The city has a very young and vibrant feel although it is also a very popular retirement area.

There are many language schools in Brighton & Hove; my family has always hosted students from all over the world while they were staying in the area.

LEN: How long have you been teaching?
R: My background is in social care and management; I started teaching adults in community based workshops forty years ago, then I discovered not only did I have a flair for teaching but I really enjoyed it, so I took a teachers training course, I worked in schools, colleges and at university where I taught teachers! Around 10 years ago I started teaching English as a second language, I was the manager of an international language school. I have been teaching on line for about six years and love it!

LEN: What do you like best about teaching on line?
R: I love teaching one on one and being able to adapt my lessons to suit my students individual needs; the ability to work the student’s own pace to help them meet their learning goals . One builds up really good and unique relationships with the students through this media.
The students are relaxed as they don’t have to battle traffic to get to the lessons, and find it easier to learn in a familiar environment of their home or office, therefore I find they make progress much quicker than in a normal classroom situation.

It is wonderful “Meeting” people from all over the world from different cultures and backgrounds from the comfort of my living room.

I enjoy sharing my student’s successes, when they pass an exam, get a job, give a successful presentation at work or feel more confident in their use of English it make me feel proud of them and their achievements.

LEN: What Advice can you give to someone wanting to learn a new language?
Well, I don’t find learning a language easy, so maybe that makes me understand the students’ difficulties well.
I always advise students to expose themselves to their target language as much as possible, not to just depend on the weekly lessons. Watch videos, TV programs, listen to radio songs and podcast in the target language, especially listening to pronunciation.
Try not to be nervous about speaking, use your lessons as a safe place to talk, as we all learn from our mistakes. Practice makes perfect so try not to be embarrassed.
Take regular lessons, twice or three times a week, it is best to schedule them at a time of day when you are free from distraction, and not when you are overtired.
Pay attention your teachers’ advice, students that make the most progress are those who invest time into learning, do homework, and maybe take lessons with additional feedback.
We are all motivated to learn a new language by different things, work and employment prospects, the need to communicate, travel, whatever motivates you keep it in mind and relax and enjoy, if you are relaxed the language will flow better.

LEN: What are your hobbies and interests?
When I am not online I relax in many ways.
I live in the countryside so like all that come with it, village life, animals, and community involvement, photography. When I can, I find it relaxing to take a walk in the country or by the sea.
I love travel, history, reading mystery novels, current affairs, watching documentaries
My biggest passion is cooking and nutrition creating healthy new recipes. I have a food blog, I also really take pleasure in inviting friends over for a meal
Additionally a special treat is spending time with friends, my family & grandchildren whenever it’s possible. (Even by Skype!)

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