When you are learning any foreign language, you have to work on it every day. In this way, each new word that you learn becomes yours. On the average, you need to use a word seven times so it will move from short term memory into long term memory.

Learn new words through a text or an article

There are many ways to learn new words. The first one is to read English. The level should be just a little stretch from your own level. If you take a text that is much too hard for you, it will be discouraging because there will be too many new words, and the article will take too much work to understand. Each text should have 5 – 10 new words. Then you need to use the new words. First I suggest that you make flash cards with the new words. Then, write the words in a sentence. After that, use the new words when speaking English to a friend or an English teacher.

Listen to English songs

The second way to learn new words is to listen to the news or other recordings that you like. Some people learn English from songs they like. Get the lyrics to the songs, and listen to the song while reading along at the same time. If there are words you don’t know then use the flash card method to learn them. Then use the word in a sentence and while speaking.

Re-use the vocabulary you’ve learnt and write!

The third way to learn new English words is to use all your new words that you have learned by reading and listening and write a blog. Make sure that you use the words correctly, but if you have been writing sentences, then this should be easy for you.

The last way to increase your English vocabulary is to sign up for English lessons. You will then meet new words every lesson, in a systematic way.

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