What is the difference? Which one should I take? Thousands of people scour the web for information to answer these questions each and every week.

TOEIC vs TOEFL: a little bit of Background

TOEIC and TOEFL are both English language tests that test your ability to produce and understand t he English language. Both are produced by ETS which is why people are now starting to wonder why they would bother to make two similar tests.

What is the difference between the TOEIC and the TOEFL?

The TOEFL test is designed to indicate your level of English for the purpose of further academic study. It is mostly used for admission into universities, colleges, scholarships, exchange programs, basically all your academic endeavors.

The TOEIC test on the other hand, is designed to test your level of English for the purpose of helping employers to understand your abilities and decide whether you meet their expectations or not. It is used in making decisions about recruitment, promotion and evaluating corporate training programs.

Which one should I take?

Simple, are you going to study or work?

In order to avoid disappointment, it is always wise to check with the institution you are aiming for if you have already made concrete plans for the future but since most people want a little flexibility, or they want to both study and work, you may want to choose the one that you think is most appropriate and try to get by on that one.

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