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If you are looking for a way to improve your level of English, you will most probably find several possibilities to do that: from private lessons, group lessons to online personal lessons via Skype or Zoom.

You will be able to decide whether to invest time in driving to the lesson or have them from the comfort of your own home or office. You will be able to choose your teacher and to make sure the lessons are in line with your goals and objectives: that your teacher corrects your grammar, your pronunciation and explains the rules and tenses that did non stick when you tried to learn them at school… 

With a bit of commitment and readiness to work, you will feel much more confident in a couple of weeks and will notice considerable improvements in fluency, vocabulary and grammar.  

This is a great method when someone wants to work on their English level for personal reasons, even if these reasons are work-related. 

Specific needs of Corporate English training

When it comes to Corporate English training and the needs of your company become the main focus, the recipe we have just described might not be enough. 

To produce real company-oriented results, Corporate English training cannot consist of simply assigning an online English teacher to every employee that needs to improve his or her English level. The training should be oriented at making the employees more efficient at their jobs thus bringing more value to the company. 

To produce real results in the short and the long term, corporate English training should have some characteristics and provide several features that simple individual English courses wouldn’t be able to cover. 


  • Industry-oriented English training

 All contents of the training, even when working on grammar and vocabulary should be built around the specific thematic areas of the industry. 


  • Respecting the company’s objectives 

Unlike a private English course, Corporate training doesn’t limit itself to the needs of the student. The teacher will, of course, work with the employee on all the aspects of correct English, like grammar, vocabulary and clear pronunciation, but the course will be structured around the needs of the company and of the employee’s role in the company. For example, a Marketing Manager will work mostly on improving his spoken abilities and vocabulary in the marketing field, while an accountant who needs to communicate with overseas clients will focus on bookkeeping terms and situations. 


  • Consistent English course structure  

When several employees of the same company are trained, they should go through a similar learning process and be exposed to the same teaching methodology in order to have a consistent level of English in the company. 


How can we help with your Company’s English training 

Live-English.net provides English tutoring for professionals since 2007. 

Our Corporate Training programs are custom-made and structured around the specific needs of each company. 

We provide individual lessons, group lessons and webinars to companies around the world, operating in a wide range of fields, from banking to software. 

Our methodology consists of full immersion techniques, with professional native-English speakers, with a strong background in specific topics related to the industry. We specialize in Business English, English for IT, Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR, Medical and many other fields. 

Our dedicated HR account allows the HR manager to follow the progress of every employee while a continuous level assessment guarantees a close follow up on the improvements. 

Get in touch now to schedule a discovery call and discuss your company’s needs and objectives with our corporate training experts.


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