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As part of our continuous research for new ways to improve English teaching in corporate environment, we found that LIVE English training sessions are an extremely effective and truly invaluable tool when it comes to specific field-related contents and terminology.

Participating in an online LIVE training allows several colleagues to have the exact same training, even though they are in different geographical locations, ask questions in real-time, interact with each other and the speaker and clarify the most complex issues.  But in case of English training for Corporate environment LIVE trainings have an even more extensive role. They allow to finally solve a long-lasting problem of the absence of specific English training materials in most professional areas.

Industry-focused LIVE trainings

In every professional field there are specific linguistic aspects that are typical to its thematic area and are not likely to be found in a Business English course and even less likely in a standard Conversational English program. Professional English courses are scarce and while those tailored to the specific needs of an industry or a specific company are impossible to find. So it often occurs that even people quite proficient in English, who have been using it for many years don’t know their way around the everyday terminology of a certain field. Not to mention those who are struggling with Conversational English!

The good news is that in these cases it’s normally true that once you build that specific job-related vocabulary, it is usually enough for efficient professional communication. Of course, the student needs to have solid bases as far as Grammar and General Vocabulary are concerned, but once they have the keys to the specific terminology and its patterns, they can find their way pretty much around every written document or professional conversation.

English online training for employees

This is where Professional English LIVE trainings become invaluable. Tailored to the needs of the company, conducted by native English teachers with a relevant background, they create a deep focus on specific subjects and vocabulary and build employees’ fluency, raising their value. And the participants are not the only ones to benefit. A video recording of the training can be used over and over again to train new colleagues, or the ones that could not participate.

A series of online trainings, focusing on various aspects of the company’s activity can become precious material in training new employees. The uses of the recordings are truly infinite and the benefits are difficult to underestimate.

At Live-English.net we believe that people should speak the same language in order to understand each other. And no, it’s not just about English! Speaking the same language means understanding each other on many levels. That is why our native English teachers who conduct the sessions are also proficient in the professional field the training is focusing on. This not only means precision and professionalism when dealing with field-related contents, but also a possibility of professional growth for the attendees.

Would a LIVE English training or a series of Professional English online training sessions be helpful to your company and your employees? Our corporate education specialists will evaluate your needs and tailor the best solution. Get in touch!

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