Scotland is a haven for adventurers. With some of the most beautiful scenic land in the world, Scotland can honestly boast about natural beauty and convenience of travel. So pack your gumboots and woollies and get back to nature in the land that was once called Caledonia.


With over ten thousand kilometers of coastline, endless rivers and lochs, Scotland is certainly one of the most amazing destinations in Europe for diving, kayaking, surfing and white water rafting. You can explore caves, cliffs and secluded beaches in a kayaking expedition or explore hundreds of shipwrecks and a sunken German fleet from World War One.

Keep in mind that Scotland constitutes over 790 islands.


Whether you are a skier or a boarder, Scotland has five fantastic ski centres that offer you a range of green, blue, red and black runs and the peaks overlook some of the most majestic mountain views in the world.

Hunting and fishing

Scotland now has more than 200 sporting experience providers who can take you on the most exhilarating hunt you can imagine. Or, if you prefer, they can take you salmon fishing or deep-sea fishing. The choice is yours.

Easy travelling

When you plan your trip to Scotland, make sure that you get out into the breath-taking scenery and don’t restrict yourself to main cities as we often do when travelling. Scotland has a convenient network of motorways that cover the country for fast and convenient travel between cities and major towns and the scenic rail routes are some of the best in the world.

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