When you register for a Business English course, you get access to resources dedicated to business people. You can not only send your own material (emails, presentation, etc.) but also use the resources we have designed especially for you, in particular our business English ebook.

A practical Business English ebook

Our Business English ebook is very popular. It’s practical, easy to use and efficient.
Here is why our Business English workbook will help you focus on what is important for you:

  • Each lesson works around 15 keywords.
    It’s better to work on a limited list of words and to remember them than to sink in too many words that you’ll never remember.
  • The ebook focuses on 20 useful business topics.
    Each topic will suit all kinds of business people. You are able to learn new Business English vocabulary in context. Finance, marketing, presentation, meetings are only a few of the topics covered.
  • Talk about what you know.
    You get to talk about the subject through questions from your personal experience. It makes the learning process much more interesting.
  • Repetition is the mother of all learning.
    Through a case study, you get to use the vocabulary again from a different angle so that you gain fluency and improve your ability to reuse the new words you’ve just learned.
  • An interactive learning.
    Each topic brings up a real discussion with your teacher. You defend your point of view and listen to your teacher’s thoughts on the matter.
  • You can prepare a sheet before the lesson.
    Each lesson is independent to the other. You can choose what topic talks to you and prepare the sheet before your lesson.
  • It’s easy to use.
    You get the ebook on a pdf format. It’s easy to access from your computer or even your smartphone.
  • It’s free!
    You get the full ebook for free when you register for a Business English Course.

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