In the past a business trip was really necessary because there is only so much that you can do on the phone. Business partners always want to expand their businesses and sending a high level employee was often the only way to get the contract. Often, business travel was between cities in the same country so a business trip was usually a chance for the employee to get away from home, and get work done.

Today, in the modern world, are business trips still necessary? There are two sides to this issue. Some business have tried to go “all the way” with modern video communications and don’t send employees to other places to business meetings. They think that it is a waste of time and money, that could be better spent in other ways.

Business trips not only help a company, but if your business partner is in a different country, a high level corporate business trip can help the company gauge whether the business venture is likely to be successful or not. There are lots of nuances that can’t be felt even over Skype or other video calling platforms.

In order for a business trip to be successful there has to be a clear reason for going. Make sure that your business has to be conducted face to face. Decide who is the best person with the authority to make the decisions that will have to be made while on the trip. If you send a junior employee who always has to check back with upper management, then the trip will be wasted. Trust your business acumen and if it is a good deal, then grab it, if not then this is the time to pass and wait for a better deal.

In conclusion, in the modern age, business trips are still an important part of doing business, as long as the work to be done can only be done face to face.

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