One of the targets many people aim when learning English is to gather the abilities required in order to give a complete presentation in English. This is usually where students feel a lot of pressure, they need to use the new language properly and also organize and remember the ideas they want to convey usually during a pre-established tight period of time.

Today we are going to give you some useful tips for you to start a presentation in English the best way possible.

Get people’s attention

You have to capture audience’s attention from the very first moment. You can do this with your first line, but there are other ways just before you say your first line that can help you become the center of attraction in the room.

Here’s where you can be as creative as possible. These are some original ways to let your imagination fly and start your presentation in English:

  • Start with a video
    Videos are a very powerful resource to call people’s attention. Try to find something interesting related to the topic your presentation is about and cause some impact from the very first moment.
  • Use a quote
    You can quote someone recognized or famous who’s referring to the topic you’ll talk about. Talk a little bit about it or ask for people’s opinion.
  • Tell a story
    This is very basic, just tell a short story in order to connect with the audience and why they should listen to what you are saying.

Memorize the first line of your presentation in English

It can be intimidating to give a presentation in English. Trying to memorize your whole presentation as written can make your speech clumsy and unnatural. Nevertheless, remembering the first line you’ll tell the audience is a great step for a strong start. Prepare a short and concise line, maybe introducing yourself (only if they don’t know you), greeting the audience or maybe with a question about the topic you are going to talk about.

Before your presentation, write different ways to tell that first line and read them aloud. Choose the 0ne you think is the best one, or maybe ask someone for a second opinion.

Convey ideas from the audience

This is a great opportunity to find your comfort zone within your audience. Don’t use too many question, but four or five questions you ask the audience in a 6-8 minutes presentation can give you a small break to organize your ideas. It can also help you remember something you’ve forgotten, or even help you controlling the pace.

You don’t have a clear idea about how to start your presentation in English? Well, do it with a question! Or even a joke!

Prepare yourself for your presentation in English

Don’t memorize your whole speech! Don’t even try. It’s way better if you highlight the most important parts of your presentation and write different ways to express the same idea. This won’t only help you seal the idea in your mind but also give you different ways to communicate it to the audience.

It’s important that you state the purpose of your presentation since the very beginning. You can gather around that point but don’t let yourself or the audience deviate too far from the main point.

As part of our online Business English course, you can get ready for your presentation efficiently. Send your slides to your teacher and rehearse intensively for a couple of weeks before the presentation. You will have no fear on the D-day, you’ll know the material, you won’t be scared to answer questions and you’ll be much more comfortable.

Key Vocabulary for a Presentation in English

Visual aids
White board
Data projector
Body language
Eye contact

to start with …
turning now to …
For example, …
Compared to last year …
In conclusion …
Finally …

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