The Cambridge CPE Writing Test will show that you have perfect command with the English Language in Writing.

In March 2013, Cambridge is redesigning the test so that it is shorter, only one and a half hours instead of two. The word length of the writing is shorter so you can spend more time on crafting the writing to be more elegant. You will also have the choice to take a computer based test, or on paper. If you take the computer based test, you should learn how to touch type as it will make the writing section easier for you. Many people prefer to take the paper test, but their handwriting is not very legible so even if your writing is good, if the examiner can’t read it you won’t get a good score.

The exam has two main parts. The first part gives you two texts to read, and then you have to write about each text. You might have to compare and contrast, or show how they are related. The two texts are not long and are at a C1 level of writing. The length needs to be inbetween 250-280 words.


The second part you will be asked to do a longer writing. It could be a book review, an essay, or a report. Here you will have to choose which task to do. There will be a writing based on a set text that you will have to read before the text, as for a book review. Or you could choose a question based on a short reading that is provided in the test. If you are taking the test in 2012, you have to write 350 words, but in the revised 2013 test, you will have to write only 280-320 words. I suggest that you read the set text, before the test so that you can have an idea what you might write. Of course on test day, the questions about the set text might be different. The set texts until December 2013 are: Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of Bees (2002); film directed by Gina Prince-Byrewood (2008) and Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party (1958).

Good luck on the CPE Writing. When you pass this test, you can be sure that you can write English like a Native Speaker!

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