If you’re studying English or have studied it in the past then you must certainly have heard about the IELTS or IELTS preparation. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and it’s one of the most important tests regarding international English use.

If you want to study or find a working visa in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA you’ll most likely need to take the IELTs in order to demonstrate your English is good. Over 9,000 organizations around the world recognize this certification.

Types of IELTS

Although they are very similar, there are two versions of IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic: this one is more focussed on academic content. It’s required to study in universities and institutions with English as their first language.
  • IELTS General: this one is more focussed on real life experiences. It’s the one required to find a job.

It’s recommended for people who are taking any of these tests to go through an IELTS preparation process before taking the exam.

IELTS Preparation

Going through IELTS preparation is an excellent way to assure your success when you take the test. IELTS tests are based on the evaluation of all your learning skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. If you are already used to practicing your English with native-English speakers, you’ll have a good head start.

However, it might not be enough. A good IELTS preparation makes sure you know all the different kinds of exercises you will have to go through. Sample exams will give you an idea of where you stand. Language schools that offer IELTS preparations will also offer you an important quantity of material prepared for students such as interesting topics to discuss before writing an essay, articles to analyze before the interviews, etc.

Nevertheless, it’s also possible to have your own IELTS preparation. How can you do this?

      1. Find the books you’ll need to prepare for the IELTS, you can ask in an academy what books they use
      2. Schedule all your study sessions and stick to it
      3. Search IELTS alike tests and take them

An important aspect about the IELTS is that it’s always the same, its structure never changes. Each part consists of the same number of exercises with a pre-established period of time. What you need to do is to train yourself in order to complete the practice tests in the time established by the real ones.

Most books used for IELTS preparation are very interesting, thought and designed for students who are willing to prepare themselves for the test. The method is to fill one unit at a time and then check it, if you have something wrong you should review and reinforce that part of the lesson.

Books can be a little bit expensive but that’s because they’re very good and they don’t only bring the answers to all exercises but also CD’s and even DVDs needed for specific exercises.

Extra tips

Try to practice and learn new vocabulary every day. Look for synonyms and different ways to express what you think about a statement. Learn what an essay, a letter, an article and a report are as well as the differences between them.

To help you with your preparation, you can also try some Skype sessions with one of our native teachers who specialize in IELTS. Take a look at their profiles and schedule some lessons in order to get the extra push and assure your success in the IELTS test!

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