Silicon Valley is the area in California where many high tech firms are based. This term was first coined in 1971, but didn’t come into common usage until the 1980’s. This area, south of San Francisco was first known as an agricultural area, but even as early as 1909, the area was known for innovative technology. Stanford University is based in the area, and many business have been started by its engineering graduates.

Silicon Valley and Technology

Many technology companies are based in Palo Alto and Marin County. At first they were manufacturing computer components, but when IBM introduced the PC, personal computer, the desktop, business really took off. Everyone had to have a personal computer. By 1994, many companies were producing computers for business and home use.

Companies in the Silicon Valley

There are thousands of technology companies based in the Silicon Valley.

Intel, IBM, Google, SanDisk, Apple Ind, Yahoo, LinkedIN, Facebook, Logitech, and Ebay are just a few that are based here. The combination of warm weather, and the availability of many other companies that network together make the Silicon valley such a good place to do business.

Universities in Silicon Valley

There are also many universities in the Silicon Valley, Stanford, San Jose University, Santa Clara University, San Francisco State University are just a few. Many graduates of these universities go to work in the firms that are based in the Silicon valley.

Corporate culture of Silicon Valley

People are prepared to takes risks in Silicon Valley. Google is one of the companies which doesn’t go for suit and ties in the office. They have a more relaxed corporate climate, and hire young college graduates who have new and exciting ideas. You can come to work in casual clothes, take a break when you need to and bring in those sales. No wonder everyone wants to work in Silicon Valley!

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