Relocating to the USA is a big change. It can be intimidating thinking about getting a new job in another country, finding somewhere to live, schools etc. Here are some steps to making sure that the relocation process goes smoothly:

Be prepared when you relocate to the USA

  • Start to plan 3-4 months before you intend to move as it takes time to process the visa and to collect all the documents that you need from different places.
  • – Make sure that your passport is not going to expire in the next 10 months.
  • Get your tax number or social security number from your own country. Also prepare your references and other proof of work history, your birth certificates and other identification. If you intend to drive, get an international driver’s license.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of the US in order to avoid embarrassing incidents.

Having a truly American experience

Once you are in the States, integration should be your primary focus. Joining clubs, classes or doing volunteer work are all great ways to meet people and to get out of the house so that you quickly get used to your environment.

Your area may or may not have a community of expats (people from your country). But in my opinion, it is important not to seek out expats in the first couple of months as this may lessen your determination to integrate and let’s face it, you are probably there to improve your English, right?

Integration means getting to know the way Americans think and do things; understanding the American culture. At first this might get a little lonely for you as everyone goes through the “homesick” stage of being in a new country. But, it is important not to rely too much on the community of people from your homeland or you will always be looking at the American culture through a “foreign” perspective.

To help you get ready for your relocation to the USA, take some English conversation lessons with an American teacher before your trip.

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