People are very sceptical about learning English online. It’s normal to have fears and doubts about non-conventional ways of learning. The main reasons why people aren’t 100% convinced about this method of learning are:

  • They think having class sessions online isn’t as serious as attending to a physical school where you’ll be surrounded by other students
  • Time is also one of the main reasons people are sceptical about learning English online. If people sometimes have trouble dedicating a part of their time to attend to an institution, how will they manage to have online sessions?
  • People like social environments, they feel more comfortable when there’s a group of people around them. Meeting new people with common interests is a great feature about physical schools but it’s important to have in mind that you aren’t attending to an institution to meet new people and make friends. That’s an extra but learning a new language is your main goal. That’s why you should go for the most effective method.

Some people are extremely conventional about their learning process. They change their learning process to a place. Have you ever said or heard anyone saying “No, I can’t study properly if I’m not at school”? Well, it’s the same.

Don’t Allow your Fears Stop you from Trying the Method of Learning English Online

You should remember we are all different people. The method that works for some people may not work for you. That’s why many people invest a ton of money and a lot of time enrolling institutions over and over again but they don’t learn anything. Most institutions use the same teaching methods, but don’t let this interfere with your new experience trying a new method of learning English online.

Some good reasons why you should try the new method of learning English online are these:

  • Taking classes online will push you to speak English:
    One of the main flaws most conventional English courses have is that they aren’t communicational enough. You can have 20 students learning from a book, improving their writing skills, but it’s impressively difficult to have them speaking, and even more difficult to have monitor their speech in order to give them feedback
  • There are only 2 people in class, you and your tutor:
    So, you feel ashamed about your English? You think people will laugh at you? Well, not in this case! You are literally alone in the virtual classroom with your tutor. This will not only help you improve your self-confidence but it will also allow your tutor to focus on your weaknesses. It’s not the same to monitor a complete classroom with more than 20 students in it. In this case, you are the only student, a personalized and focalized experience.
  • “I’m too busy, I don’t have time for that”:
    This is also one of the most common reasons why people don’t enrol an English course, either a physical or online. People have a lot of responsibilities, and actually people who want to learn and sharp their English are people part of the business world (if you want to improve your English for business meetings, check this article right here). Nevertheless, one of the best aspects about learning English online is that you will be able to schedule your classes for whenever you have the chance to attend to them. You don’t have to compromise a period of time every day, which may interfere with your occupations.

We have teachers from different parts of the world, available for you at any time, it doesn’t matter what time it is where you are located. You’ll always find one available for you to take a class. Don’t let your fears stop you from trying this new method! Learning English online is the future.

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