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For most people it has been a long time since they’ve had the opportunity to take language courses in school. It can often be difficult to remember the words you want to say and for many it’s easier just to think in one’s native language and translate.

Online courses give you the ability to brush up on your English and remember vocabulary but it can do a lot more. It’s more than just practicing it’s taking those language skills to a whole new level.

Avoid bad habits

Even for those that use English as a second language every day it’s easy to fall into bad habits.
Having little time to review grammar means simple mistakes can become common. Let’s face it, native English speakers seldom interrupt in conversation to say ‘did you know you should say…’
Busy people will often only get the essence of you’ve said and then move on. It’s totally different when you speak with an online English teacher: they tell you when and why you are making mistakes. It’s not like going back to high school.

On line teachers explain how to speak correctly and provide additional grammar instruction when needed. Regular courses help you become far more fluent and confident.

How to increase your fluency and accuracy

For many people using English at work is uncommon and trips to English speaking countries few and far between. It’s easy to get out of practice – start to forget.
Many of us have been a situation at work or while traveling where someone speaks to you in English and you instantly freeze trying to understand what the other person is saying. Regular practice is the only way for you to prepare and be ready to speak English.

Online English courses are a safe way to have real conversation, even one you might have at work, without having that fear. Remember, English is nothing like Math; there is no mobile phone calculator to save you.
Nothing replaces real conversation with a native speaker trained to help you improve.
Regular English lessons can help you have get used to expressing your ideas. Discussing an article or even the news can help you expand your vocabulary.

Regular conversation with online teachers helps put the words back in your mouth.
These skills help you in real life to deliver your opinion, organize your thoughts quickly and even persuade others to accept your point of view.
For some a online business course can help you have ‘mock’ meetings or deliver a winning proposal. For those looking to land a new job there is no replacement for a ‘job interview course.’
Online courses are different than talking to an American friend or an acquaintance in the UK.

Advantage of online practice

There are a number of key things that make online courses different.

  • You are able to see the expression on the face of your instruction to see how they respond to what you say.
  • They correct you when you say something incorrectly.
  • They can provide easy grammar to fix it.
  • Through Skype they can type to you and get real time readable feedback when necessary.

It all begins with you- If you feel stuck and like your English is not improving.
If you have forgotten many things or just need a refresher, an online course could be the answer.
It is easy to see big improvements while you learn from the comfort of home, with the confidence to know you’re speaking correctly.
This is how you can take you English to the next level.

Brush up on – phrasal verb improve one’s previously good knowledge of or skill at a particular thing.
Essence– noun a basic overall understanding of something
Expand– verb become or make larger or more extensive.
Let’s face it– idiom informal Used to express that one must be realistic about an unwelcome fact or situation.
Refresher – noun an activity that revises or updates one’s skills or knowledge.

Contributor: Jason

Jason is from Ohio in the U.S. but has lived in Mexico for the past 7 years teaching ESL. He has a BA in Business and a TESOL certificate. Jason enjoys teaching business English and English conversation to people of all levels.

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