Especially when English is not your mother tongue, there are many mistakes that you want to avoid when you are writing an email in English. Today, we are going to mention only five of them here.

Writer’s tone

Right off the bat, you need to have the right tone for your e-mail. If you are writing to your boss, then you don’t want to sound too casual. Emails have replaced for the most part business notes, but you still need to keep a bit formal when you are writing.


The next mistake that you need to watch out for is spelling. Yes, you have a spell checker on your computer nowadays, but if you used to instead of too, both words are spelled correctly, and the spell checker won’t catch your mistake.


This leads up to the next mistake to avoid. You still need to use proper grammar when writing an email. If you are unsure if the sentence has proper grammar, then read it out loud. If you still don’t know, then grab an English speaker and read the sentence to them, and they will tell you if it sounds “right.”


Another mistake to avoid is the over use of idioms, if you don’t really know the right usage. Don’t let the cat out of the bag, is meant to mean not to tell secrets. This is never taken literally!

Technical Jargon

The last mistake to avoid when writing emails in English is using too many technical jargon phrases and abbreviations that your reader may not know. This makes your email more difficult to understand and it just might get deleted instead of read.

Good luck writing your emails in English.
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