You are on your way to New York City. There is a lot to see and to do there! Expect to spend a least a week in New York. You will want to go to the famous restaurants, see at least two or three museums, take a walk in Central Park and go to the site of the World Trade Center memorial.

First buy a pass to travel on the Metro and the busses. This way you can get around Manhattan easily.

The Met

The most important museum of New York is The Metropolotoam Museum of Art. Here you can see ancient Egyptian vases, Roman statues, and the most famous of all, Rembrandt’s masterpieces. The museum is so big that you could actually spend an entire week there.

Central Park

Next you want to take a walk through Central Park. The Central Park Conservatory offers 13 different free walking tours of Central park, with a guide. You can learn about Art in Central Park, the history of the War of 1812, and only on Memorial Day, and Veterans’ Day, learn about how New Yorkers honor their veterans.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is full of history too. It has a European flair, with its winding streets and small shops and pubs. Even now, many artists, musicians and writers make their home in “The Village.” You can take a tour of Greenwich village and get a taste of the neighborhood with its history and delicious food.

The Empire State Building

The highlight of any tour to New York City is the Empire State building which celebrated it’s 80th anniversary in 2011. There is an observation deck on the 86th floor as well as on the 102nd.

World Trade Center Ground Zero Memorial

No trip to New York is complete without going to the Ground Zero World Trade Center Memorial. The highlight of the site features the names of all the people who died in the disaster. There are walking tours, some even for free, or a small fee. There is a visitors center and a gift shop which helps finance the museum and the upkeep of the site.

Have fun on your trip to New York! Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them on all your social networks.

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