Here is a very easy way to make your writing immediately more interesting.

In English, we start most sentences with a subject. This is usually a person or a thing. But sometimes, we want to talk about an activity. The easiest way to make your sentences more interesting is to add some variety to the way that you make them.

Mix up the short and the long

If you create a mixture of short sentences and long sentences, you will quickly make your writing unpredictable. It’s that simple. This means that you should not use connectors to make every sentence a compound sentence. Just some. But be careful not to use sentence fragments in your formal writing.

A variety of subjects

Using simple nouns for subjects all the time can become dull. To use a variety of subject types is to make your writing more interesting. You can use the following to start a sentence:


I am having a party.

She is definitely coming.

Other simple nouns (or more precisely noun phrases if they have an article or adjective with them)

The party is at my house.

My house is near the police station.

Modified nouns, which are nouns that have a clause to modify them

The party that my friend went to is over now.

Improving your writing skills

The house where the party was held is badly damaged.


To go to that party would be a mistake.

To drink and drive is illegal.


Going to parties is just something that I don’t enjoy doing.

Cleaning up afterwards is something I hate even more.

Empty subjects– there and it

It is great to be able to have a party at my house.

There will be another party next week.

Noun clauses

Who is at the party is a surprise.

Whoever is left at the end of the night can help me clean up.

So, when you next find yourself with a pen in your hand, try to keep these in mind for the benefit of those who will read your words. Variety is the spice of life.

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