In this changing and challenging world, learning English at home seems to be the smartest and most affordable thing to do, in your own terms, time and space. Let’s see reasons why you should give this learning method a try.

Why Learn English at Home?

Learning from the comfort of your own home is very convenient because it is peaceful and you can study the way you want to. Learning English from home has many advantages:

  • It’s comfortable.
    The main reason is that there’s no place in the world where you can just completely relax. You don’t need to worry about the way you are dressed, because of your class schedule, answering questions correctly in front of other won’t be intimidating, etc. If you are comfortable, you increase your chances of learning.
  • It’s suitable.
    As there’s no need for you to leave your house and travel to a different place, you can order an English lesson by Skype and study at any time you want.
  • You’ll be productive.
    Instead of doing nothing at home you will be able to use your free time to be productive. You’ll realize how amazing it is to quickly learn with all that free time in your hands.
  • No one will put pressure on you.
    You follow your own learning pace without worrying if you keep up with a group or not, in that way you study without any pressure. If there is no pressure, you’ll feel comfortable.
  • You’ll enjoy the ride.
    It is really amazing to know that there are lots of things you can do from home to learn English, and you will have a great time doing them.
    You can also focus yourself by skills to conquer your target.

Focus on the four English skills

Being focused will allow you to be a complete English learner and know that learning English at home is suitable for you. Try to improve each one of your skills every day and you will be amazed by your improvement.

  • Reading
    Try learning five words in their simplest form a day, that’s 1,825 words per year, a really easy way to enhance your vocabulary, isn’t it?
  • Listening
    Take full advantage of your time by listening to talk radio when doing other activities such as cooking, eating, getting dressed.
  • Writing
    By writing every day you will be reinforcing everything you have learned and you will question yourself about the accuracy of what you are writing. If it’s an area you would like to improve, check out our General English Writing Course and our Business English Writing Course.
  • Speaking
    Book private English lessons by Skype and practice your speaking skills with a native-English teacher. It’s very personalized, you can cover topics that are relevant to you specifically.

The Best 8 Ways to Learn English at Home

      1. Do you like listening to English songs? Lyrics training is the way.
      2. Surround yourself with English speakers, find the right online teacher.
      3. Look for what’s trendy on YouTube .
      4. We all enjoy watching movies, so become a movie star not by watching them passively but trying to pay attention to the stress and intonation of the actors and trying to copy them.
      5. What topics are you interested in? What do you have a passion for? Find your passion.
      6. Listen to podcasts.
      7. Listen to Ted talks.
      8. Use English at home and practice as much as you can. We usually recommend 1 session a week to maintain your level and 2-3 sessions a week to move to the next level and increase confidence.

Knowing the benefits of Learning English at home and the results you may obtain you should join us. At, you’ll have qualified teachers for private lessons, adapted to your needs, via Skype. You can learn English from the comfort of your home with one of our native English tutors! This way they’ll be able to choose the best approach for your learning process.

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