Most people understand that the best way to improve a skill is to practice. How to practice a skill when it comes to learning languages is not always so obvious. I would like to suggest a novel way to practice your writing in English.

It is fun, it is modern and it is great practice. It is called blogging.

These days, anyone with an email address can quickly and easily start their own blog with the help of sites like and You can keep them private so that they can be your own little diary which is good if you are not confident to share your writing yet or they can be accessible to the world.

There are many advantages to running a blog for writing practice and so that you can make an informed decision, I have also included some possible disadvantages.

The advantages of blogging over a diary

The blog will spell check as you go, just like a word processor. This is good for immediate feedback on your spelling. People can also read the blog and make comments and corrections. Your friends can help you to improve your English, especially good if you have native English-speaking friends.
You can add tags to your posts. This is a great way to remember vocabulary. If you create tags, you can click on the word and it will show you all posts that include that word. Use this feature for new vocabulary and you can see how you have used this vocabulary in all of your posts.
If it is more fun and sociable, you will do it more often. Get your friends involved and start blogs together. Meet and share your blog with other people who are studying English and the Internet will become your classroom. Just don’t forget to go outside and meet some real people too so that you can practice your speaking from time to time.

The possible disadvantages:

You don’t practice speaking and you don’t practice handwriting. And be careful not to become dependent on spell-check.
You should be careful of what information you put on the Internet. This means that you should get into the habit of not mentioning names or otherwise identifying people when you talk about real events.
You might get so addicted to it that you get carpal tunnel syndrome!
Well, whichever you choose to go, the flash new shiny blog or the trusty old written diary, just remember that the most important thing is regular practice. This is what will get your writing from the level it is now to the level that you want it to be.

As a complement to this, has developed an online English writing course to help you improve your writing skills in English.

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