The Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) – new version is being introduced in 2013 to better meet the needs of employeers, Univerisities and Immigration. This test certifies that the student knows English at Level C2, the highest level. If you pass this test, you can be sure that you can deal with any situation in English, in all of the main skill levels of reading, writing, listening and most importantly, speaking.

What is the CPE’s level?

The English levels start with A which is basic level that you can speak, read, write and listen to everyday English. Level B is a indepentant speaker, but still makes mistakes. Level C is a Proficient English level. Each classification has two levels. Before taking the CPE, you should find out what level of English is acceptable for your purposes.

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam is an international test, which is checked so that it does not have any cultural bias. It might have readings that are a bit technical, but if you are a proficient user of English at a Level C2, the highest level, you should be able to understand the text.

Accents and Spelling for CPE

In the CPE speaking section, all accents of English are acceptable, you need to speak clearly and make sure that you are understood. In the writing section, you can use American Spelling, or UK spelling, but don’t mix up the two different variants of a word in your essays. If you write the word colour, with the u, then use this the UK spelling for everything.

In the following blog posts, we will go into more detail about each section of the test. We will learn how to best prepare for the test, and what are the best study strategies. Good Luck!

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