7 tips to prepare for an English oral exam

If we are honest we have to admit that we don’t really like exams, especially English speaking exams when English is not our mother tongue! Why don’t we like them? Is it because we feel nervous? Is it because we don’t feel prepared? Is it because we don’t know what the exam entails? Or is it simply a combination of all of these?!

Whether you have to do an English speaking exam for work or to study abroad, here at Live-English we believe ‘practice makes perfect’. The more you speak the more confident you will feel. Our team of native teachers has a wide range of experience in a variety of English exam formats. We can coach you with the right techniques and vocabulary to ensure oral exam success!

We have condensed the best tips from our most experienced teachers for you to try

      1. First, find out what the requirements are for the English oral exam. How long do you have to speak? What types of questions will you be asked? Are you allowed to take notes?
      2. Next, look for some sample answers. What are the examiners looking for? How will your answers be graded?
      3. Then, book some lessons with native English tutors. Lessons with Live-English are speaking-focused which means our teachers listen to you and give you feedback on the best ways to improve.
      4. Make a plan of how regularly you would like your lessons. It’s always a good idea to allow for plenty of time before your exam date, so you can practice as much as possible.
      5. Keep a record of your strong and weak areas. Some people are very good at describing themselves and their work, but have difficulty when talking about more unfamiliar topics.
      6. Are you a nervous speaker? If you are, perhaps you should practice speaking in front of a mirror. Make sure you keep your head up and maintain a confident posture. Try not to mumble or hesitate too much.
      7. Finally, have an opinion about everything! Remember there is always more than one way to say something so keep your options open. Using connecting phrases helps to link your opinions together, ask your teacher for the ones that are most commonly used.

    Remember, we are here to help! Our English exam preparation course covers all these tips and more, and has already helped thousands of students just like you to achieve their goals. Why not start today? As the old saying goes ”a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”!

    Vocabulary & Expressions

    Entail verb – contain, consist of
    Whether connector – if
    Practice makes perfect saying – doing something regularly brings better results
    Format noun – form, style
    Ensure verb – guarantee, make certain
    Condense verb – make shorter, more concise
    Sample noun – example
    Improve verb – get better
    Allow for verb – consider
    Weak adjective – less strong
    Mumble verb – speak quietly and/or unclearly

    Possible Questions To Ask Yourself

    Have you ever felt nervous when speaking to someone? Who was it?
    How do people behave when they are nervous?
    What advice could you give to help people who are nervous speakers?

    Contributor: Teacher Janine

    Janine is originally from Yorkshire UK, she is a professionally qualified teacher with over 15 years’ experience, she has taught students of all ages Business English and English exam preparations. Janine likes to help students become more fluent and confident with their language by testing the waters. Being one to “never let the grass grow under her feet” Janine enjoys learning new things, languages, travel and is very proud of her Yorkshire roots!

    Getting started with your English oral exam!

    Get a free trial lesson and get an assessment of your level and needs to achieve your English exam goals. You’ll be able to discuss with one of our teachers the best strategies to pass the English exam you need to prepare for.

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