Speak, speak and speak some more!

As an English teacher with years of experience helping people to get better at English, I can say with confidence that the best way to improve your fluency is to speak, speak and speak some more! In other words, if you want to get better at speaking English, the best way to do it is to practice. “Practice makes perfect”, as we say.

However, this is easier said than done! Whether you have been learning English by burying yourself in grammar books, binge watching English language films or series on Netflix, or listening attentively to your teacher at school – it is unlikely that you are finding time to improve your fluency by speaking with a native speaker in a way that is helping you to improve.

In fact, it is quite rare, when learning a foreign language, to have the advantage of having good opportunities to be able to practice speaking (especially if you are not living in an English speaking country, working in an English speaking company or if you do not have any English speaking friends).

Even if you do live, work or socialise using the English language, it is unlikely that you colleagues or friends will feel comfortable correcting you. Indeed, it is even more rare to be able to feel comfortable and confident enough to speak knowing that you will be corrected and helped if you make mistakes.

Why many people struggle to speak with confidence

Having the confidence to speak a foreign language can be very intimidating. Nearly all of the students that I have taught say that their weakest area is spoken English. The large majority of my students say that they feel comfortable reading, writing and even understanding English, but when it comes to speaking they often find it difficult to remember the right word. Many say that they ‘lose’ words or end up translating from their native language and that speaking does not feel natural or easy.

It is completely normal to feel this way. Most non-native speakers of any language have the same difficulty – speaking is active and understanding is passive, so it is natural that we will find speaking more difficult and scary.

Learning online – the way forward!

This is why learning English online is a great way to improve. Your teacher will encourage you to speak as much as possible during the lesson. His or her main role will be to correct you when you make mistakes, guide you when you need help and give you tips to improve your style and fluency.

With this option, you can take classes in your own time, at your own pace. You are able to learn and practice from the comfort of your own home, from your office during breaks at work, or on the phone – anytime, anywhere!

Benefits of learning English online

  • Learn anytime, anywhere!
  • Learn with different professional teachers from around the world
  • Flexible schedule
  • Gives you the space to practice speaking in a safe environment
  • Real time corrections
  • Individualised learning

All you need to get started is a computer or telephone, and the courage to try. Speaking can be scary. Making mistakes can be scary. But the best way to deal with your fear is to face it, so why not give it a go today and give yourself the best chance at learning to speak fluently.

Speak English Online: New vocabulary

To bury (verb): to put or hide something underground. To bury yourself in something means to do that task without stopping, for example to bury myself in work means that I did a lot of work and did not stop.

To binge (verb): to do something excessively (a lot). For example to binge eat means to eat a lot of food, and to binge watch means to watch many episodes of a series, or many hours of TV

Rare (adjective) : something that does not happen very often

Courage (noun) : the ability to do something that scares you; to be brave

Intimidating (adjective) : scary or frightening

Contributor: Teacher Eleanor

Eleanor is an online English tutor from South West London. She holds a BSc Science (Psychology) and TEFL certification. She has over five years class room and online teaching experience. Eleanor has a business background. She offers her students a friendly, comfortable and professional learning environment.

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