At a 10% discounted rate our customers can now purchase our online English courses with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Learn English online, pay in Bitcoin

For the start of the new year Live-English is offering a new, cheaper and for some, a more convenient way for our students to buy lessons and join us to improve their English with our experienced, fun loving, committed teachers.

If you thought 2017 was exciting and unpredictable 2018 promises to be an even faster roller coaster ride cryptcurrencies promise to be one of the fast rising trends in the new year.

New payment options for your English Courses

When Live-English started more than 10 years ago one of the challenges was providing a secure payment process. Paypal was a key to providing our students with the confidence to buy lessons with us online. One of the unique advantages of cryptocurrencies is the ability to securely make transactions directly with the provider of the goods or in our case the service of delivering English lessons. Like a bank, Paypal charges fees for facilitating the transaction these are saved using the direct cryptocurrency payment system and thus allow us to reduce our prices.

Start 2018 by taking advantage of our new cryptocurrency payment option to save money and allow you to practice and improve your English at an even faster rate!

Combine this with our new year special discounted offers and 2018 promises to be truly amazing!

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