Congratulations! Your resume in English made an impression and you got the call to go in for a first job interview. All went very well and now you have been called back for a second interview.

It is important not to get too cocky just yet. A call-back for a second job interview does not mean that you have the job and it does not mean that the second interview will be a breeze.

It does mean that they have narrowed the pool of candidates and instead of competing with hundreds of resumes or tens of first-interview candidates, you are now just competing with the few best candidates. The competition just got tougher.

Second job interview: taking it to the next level

Second job interviews are usually not just with the person who will be your immediate supervisor. They are usually with the directors or other decision-makers superior to your potential supervisor. This means that the questions just got harder. You need to prepare for the second even more diligently than the first. If you researched the company for the first interview, you should know even more for the second.

One extra step that you can do to help you to prepare for the second interview is to mentally review the first one. If there were any questions that you feel you did not answer well, prepare to answer them better this time. If there were any aspects of the job that you were not clear on, prepare some follow-up questions.

Questions at the second job interview

Also, now is the time to start asking the questions that you held back on the first time. Remember, you are seriously being considered for this position so start asking the questions about the benefits, the work environment and what your daily tasks would be like if you held back from asking in the first interview.


Idioms in this article

  • get cocky- be over-confident
  • be a breeze- be easy
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