So, you are sitting in the nice comfortable office, waiting for your job interview in English to begin. You have been both looking forward to and dreading this interview for days now. It is such a good opportunity but since you already told all of your friends about it, there’s also a lot of pressure to nail it too.

You wonder what the questions will be and if you are really prepared enough to answer them well. Perhaps you should have read more online information or tried to guess more potential questions to rehearse. Either way, time’s over now. You just gotta hope you did enough.

Some tricky interview questions to thing about

In this situation, which are the questions you are dreading the most?

For most, it’s the weakness question or the salary question. Most people are never quite sure about what to say. But then there are the questions that you just start answering and then you wish you hadn’t.

Here are some common answers both what people “say” (and what the interviewer hears).

Tell me something you don’t like about your old job

It’s a trap. Take a second to think about it. They want a happy, positive hard-working employee but here they are asking you to rag on your old employer.

“My boss was not the most organized and I am looking for a more positive environment.”

(I am doing it politely now because I’m at an interview but complaining is my favourite hobby. I was probably the reason for the negative atmosphere I am trying to escape so I probably won’t be with your company very long either.)

“I really enjoyed my time there but unfortunately, there was really no room to grow, I am looking to take on a lot to build my skills and get the experience I need to truly succeed in this industry.”

(I have mad skills and I’m looking to apply them)

Other things you shouldn’t mention here:

  • Working hours” (lazy)
  • Colleagues/customers” (unsociable)
  • Boss” (hates authority)
  • Salary” (greedy)

What is your biggest weakness?
Be honest here but not too honest.

“I work too hard and I care too much.”

(I am a liar and I will tell you whatever you want to hear at the interview)

“I would say my time management skills could use some improving. I am currently reading a book to help me improve my time management skills and it’s really helping.”

(I know my weakness and I am working on it- No-one is perfect)

What salary do you expect?
No one can tell you how to negotiate. It depends on the situation. But it is often said that you should never bring this up at the first interview.

  • To nail it- to do a great job at something
  • To rag on someone- to complain about someone
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