New Zealand is a beautiful country to take a summer vacation or a winter ski trip. But before you pack your bags, there is one piece of advice that I give to all those who are thinking about going to New Zealand. Get outdoors!

New Zealand is now famous for its beautiful, untouched landscapes thanks to movies like Lord of the Rings and TV programs like Hercules and Zena. These programs are filmed in New Zealand because we have loads of undeveloped land which makes it look like the lands of past times.

But New Zealand isn’t just about rolling hills. It is a land of adventure. From bungy jumping to black-water rafting, New Zealand is the country for outdoor fun. My favourites would have to be fishing (some of the best fishing in the world) and snowboarding in the south island.

Most people who go to New Zealand find the people to be very friendly and welcoming. New Zealanders like to meet foreigners but don’t be offended if Kiwis are not polite when you meet them. We have a very relaxed culture so encounters with New Zealanders are normally friendly rather than polite.

By the way, one thing you need to know before you go there is the word kiwi. This word has three meanings. It is a delicious but hairy fruit. It is a bird that looks like the fruit when it is curled up and sleeping. Finally, it is a nationality. That’s right, we call New Zealanders “Kiwis” just like we call Australians “Ozzies”.

SO don’t forget, when you get to New Zealand, get outdoors! Don’t spend your time in the city because cities around the world look more and more the same every day. If you really want to travel a country, see the country! That is where the beauty of New Zealand is.

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