These days, a brilliant resume filled with great experience and qualifications is just not enough. You need to be able to summarize these into a cover letter that sells you as a person or no one will bother to read your resume.

Writing a cover letter

So, how do you write a cover letter that ensures yours is one of the resumes that actually get read? Keep it simple, keep it interesting and keep it informative.

You can use the letter wizard in most word processors to make sure that you create a well-formatted letter so let’s talk about how to sell yourself.

Tips to write a cover letter in English

The most important thing is don’t tell them how great you are, tell them what a great job you will do. Tell them how hiring you will make their life easier. Trust me, that’s what they want to hear! So, instead of writing I have a degree in English, a master’s degree in Education and eight years experience, you should tell them that my master’s in Education and experience help me to provide fun, interactive classes.

Be sincere. This means that you should not tell them what they want to hear; want the job and tell them why you want it. I am applying for your company because I really like to help students and I think that the experience I will gain in your company will help me to reach my goal of being a great teacher.

Mention the negatives but follow them with the positives. I am available to start from December when I graduate as I would like to join your team as a qualified, skilled employee.

Don’t use negative words like not. Instead of saying sorry for not replying faster, try thank you for your patience, I have been quite busy lately… This is a small change but it makes the voice of your letter more positive and cheerful. Remember that you are making a first impression here and your tone is important.

Sending your cover letter

When you send a cover letter, copy and paste it into the body of the email so that people don’t have to open an attachment to see it and do not add 5 other attachments that the company did not ask for. You will simply make the file suspicious to virus protection programs and difficult to open.

Good hunting.

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