Learning Business English is easy!

Speaking English is often mandatory in the business world. Whatever your level of English is right now, whether you are a beginner or already have some basic knowledge, learning Business English is easy and within reach. Follow our advice!

Know the basics

Before studying Business English, it is important to review the basics of the English language. Can you introduce yourself in English? Do you know the common expressions used in conversations and small talk? Do you master the grammatical structures and can you speak in the present, past and future?

Taking English lessons with Live-English.net can help you acquire or review the basics of the English language. Mastering these fundamentals is absolutely essential to speak English properly and understand your various professional contacts, both in oral and written communications.

Learn the specific vocabulary

Business English has its own expressions, often linked to your job or the industry you work in. For example, if you work in marketing or advertising, it is critical to know the English words “brand”, “market” and “customer”. If you work in finance, then the words “CFO”, “asset” or “shareholder” shouldn’t have any secrets for you.

A good way of learning new Business English vocabulary is the professional social network LinkedIn. The vast majority of profiles on this social network are in English, as well as most of the content that is shared. If you haven’t done so already, create your own LinkedIn profile and explore the profiles of people working in your industry or branch.

Read Business English publications

Regularly reading content in English is an excellent way to become more familiar with Business English phrases and vocabulary. You can read publications linked to your job, such as AdWeek which is considered a reference in marketing for example. You can also read more general business publications such as the Financial Times, the leading newspaper in the business world.

Reading in English will also allow you to improve your mastery of grammar rules and better understand how sentences are built, even if you initially do not understand everything. If you read in English regularly, little by little, without even noticing it, you will be able to improve your English writing skills.

Watch video content

Another way to learn Business English is to watch videos in English, with or without subtitles in your native language. Challenging yourself to watch presentations in English will allow you to become better at understanding different accents, learn new vocabulary and speak English more fluently. The “Ted Talks” on business topics, which are available on You Tube, are a great way to improve your Business English! Give it a try!

Learn with a teacher specialised in Business English

At Live-English.net, we have English teachers from many backgrounds. The teachers who teach business English bring their own business and professional experience and make the lesson very practical and efficient. Business English is quite wide, you’ll be able to choose between general business English and more specialised topics like finance, marketing, HR, personal development, science and technology, etc.

As a summary, to learn Business English, you must start by mastering the basics of the English language. Only by mastering the basics will you be able to learn Business English. Be curious, try to find out about the vocabulary used in your field, invest time reading, watching different types of content in English and practicing with a teacher specialised in Business English: you’ll see, your Business English will quickly improve!

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