Medical English online course

If you work directly or indirectly in the medical field, this medical English course online will allow you to practice your English around medical topics.

Why focus on Medical English?

Although, as a professional in the medical industry, you know complex medical terminology, body parts and how particular medicines work, you want to feel confident when talking about a patient’s medical history in English, when attending international medical conventions or when communicating in English in any work-related situation.  

What is included in the Medical English Course?

While learning online with a native-English teacher from, you will

  • use specific material from the Study Box that focuses on medical topics and current issues faced by the industry
  • practice your English and get a deeper understanding of professional communication in English
  • work on fluency and accuracy in the language because they are key in your medical profession

Through this course, you will increase your medical and non-medical related vocabulary so you can thrive in your profession. You will find it easier to understand the colloquial language your colleagues and clients use, especially idioms.

Who is the online Medical English Course for?

This course has been designed for professionals who work in a field related to medicine to allow them to practice English around topics that really matter to them. The native-English teachers who deliver this course have knowledge and experience in the medical-related matters and understand medical terminology.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, care workers, pharmacist, physiotherapists, occupational therapist,  medical secretaries, hospital staff, hospital managers, radiologists, medical researchers, alternative or complementary therapist, as well as people working in medical product and pharmaceutical sales teams are among those that chose this English course.

How do the online Medical English classes work?

By choosing the Medical English classes, you get access to a wide variety of resources in the Study Box that focuses on medical-related news, and the teachers who deliver the lessons online via Skype, Zoom or by phone have experience teaching medical English. They know the terminology and are familiar with the pedagogical resources of the medical English course. One session a week is great for people who already have a good command of professional English and whose goal is mainly to maintain their level. If the goal is to move up a level, 2-3 medical English conversation lessons are recommended. It is also good practice to learn with 2 teachers so as not to get used to one specific accent.

Please note that we also offer a track for people interested in improving their English in different professional fields.

Would you like to learn more about our Medical English online course? Register now for a free trial lesson and discuss your needs and objectives with one of our teachers.