As an English teacher, on line I get to “travel” to many different places with my students. I have heard about all sorts of places where people love to visit.

A few of my students from Europe like to travel to the United States, not to go shopping in New York, although that is very interesting, but to see the great natural beauty of the American National Parks.

One of the most interesting National Park is Yellowstone National Park in Montana. This park is known for the natural geysers which spew up water and steam from deep inside the Earth. There are literally thousands of geysers in the park, the most famous and punctual being “Old Faithful.” Yellowstone was established as America’s first National Park in 1872.

Yosemite is another favorite, located in Northern California, you have to reserve your cabin inside the park about a year ahead of time, because it fills up fast. In the summer the whole park is open and you can drive for miles admiring the beautiful vistas that open up through the mountains. If you plan a winter trip, check the website for road closures because of snow. Anytime you go you will be amazed.

Another National Park worth visiting is to the south in Arizona, the famous Grand Canyon. The canyon was made by the Colorado River carving out the rock on either side to show the different layers of rock from the Earth’s geologic history. The Grand Canyon was also home to Indians at least 12,000 years ago.

America’s National Parks are a treasure that has been preserved for us to appreciate. Plan your trip in advance and enjoy your visit!

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